In his surgery he offers dermatology medical examinations simultaneously to specific check-ups regarding moisturizing, elasticity and seborrhoeic state of the skin. Detailed importance is given to the control of naevus' and to other cutaneous neoformations with the aid of the video-dermatoscopy through a digital microscope. The photographs are then saved for a precise follow-up in a computerized map in order to make a comparison during a second medical examination possible. Dr. Peter Schreiber acquired in Cuba (Havana) at the Centro De Histoterapia Placentaria during the 90's a further degree in the field of the Vitiligo.

Today he continues with the aforesaid therapy introducing always innovations in his study in Ancona, not only concerning the vitiligo, but also for all the other dermatological diseases like dermatitis, dermatosis, eczemas, allergies, psoriasis and others.